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Student Programmer with passion for Natural History

Opportunity to become a part of the digital team at Natural history museum of Denmark. The Natural History Museum of Denmark at the SCIENCE faculty is looking for a student programmer from 01.06.2018 or thereafter until 31.03.2019.

Natural history collections are humanity’s archive of the history of our planet and the life it supports. They comprise anything from the earliest preserved rocks (> 4 billion years ago) to all life forms known to science as inhabiting this planet today. They bear witness to a dynamic world, where change is often brought about by life itself; from chemical traces in 3.5 billion years old rocks witnessing the arrival of life altering its environment, to humanity itself, leaving its clear footprints in nature.

To leverage this information and accelerate its usage in science and policy, we need to digitize the world’s natural history collections and open them up to researchers and decision makers everywhere. The task at hand is immense, with more than 1.5 billion objects in European Museums alone awaiting digitization, and more than 14 million in ours.

The Natural History Museum of Denmark (NHMD), University of Copenhagen stands at the beginning of this venture. In collaboration with the Department of Computer Science (DIKU), University of Copenhagen, we are investigating efficient ways to digitize our insect collections. This requires development of a camera-based scanner for imaging insects as well as the necessary software, workflows, and infrastructure for storage of and access to images and meta-data.


The present opening will focus on media storage and access infrastructure, but also be involved in software development for the insect scanner. The successful candidate will be mainly responsible to integrate the museum’s collection management system (Specify) with an image repository conforming to the IIIF API specifications.

The work will be supervised by Martin Stein (NHMD museum) and Kim Steenstrup Pedersen (DIKU) and you will be a part of a new group at the museum working towards opening our collections to the public and fellow researchers.

The qualified candidate is a student in computer science or other relevant field in IT, physics, or mathematics, with general programming experience and ability to work independently.

Expected skills

  • Solid skills in a modern high level programming language 
  • Basic knowledge of relational databases and SQL 
  • Experience with web development 
  • Confident user of Unix-like operating systems 

Experience with the following technologies will be an advantage:

  • Python programming language 
  • Image analysis 
  • Django web framework 
  • Compensation 


Salary and other terms and conditions of appointment are set in accordance with the Agreement between the Ministry of Finance and Prosa, or other relevant professional organization.

The weekly average working period is 15 hours pr week.

Further questions can be directed to Martin Stein phone +45 35 33 69 54.


If you are interested in the applying please send an electronic application with attachments via Jobportalen (press link "SØG STILLINGEN" at the bottom in the call). The deadline is 29.04.2018.

The university wants to reflect our society and we encourage everyone to apply.


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